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Введите текст сообщения и повторите попытку. Please i have problem with my brush settings. I use Adobe Photoshop Get adobe 2015. Thank you for the any advice.

The menu item is only found in the 19. Photoshop CC 2018 installed on the system. I do have the Get More Brushes BUT this is all I get. That is what happens with the Ms Edge browser, since it doesn’t recognize what to do with an . Try copying the adress and pasting it into another browser, then download from there. When you update from the CC Desktop app — choose Advanced Options and uncheck delete old versions.

That way you keep your existing version alongside the new. I am also having this problem, and I have the most updated version of CC, and I am in the United States Has anyone found a solution yet? Are you not seeing the command in Photoshop, or having trouble actually downloading the extra brushes? I am trying by using Explorer to download the brushes but I still have a page full of computerized programming symbols.

Введите текст сообщения и повторите попытку. A downloaded version,  not the cloud version. I will not use any software online for the reasons listed above. I cant close it most of the time because the drop down menu is just a big white box with nothing in it. The next part of the question is that I asked on here one time about how to prevent adobe cloud from opening at startup.

I was given an answer, which worked temporarily, but then the next time I upgraded creative cloud began opening at startup again. I asked a question on this forum again, this time about deleting creative cloud from my laptop altogether, and and was given the answer about how to prevent it from opening at startup, again. That is not what I asked. I replied that that was not the answer I was looking for and would somebody please give me the right answer.

That was months ago and nobody else answered the question. I have now found this website: Uninstall the Adobe Creative Cloud desktop application. Please answer this question thoroughly or dont answer it at all. I have been an adobe user since September 1990.

Remember the most important factor to consider in the answer to the question is that I HATE cloud technology and I REFUSE to use it. Please help me get off the cloud. The update manager that came with CS6 has been replaced by the Cloud update manager, which is why you see «the Cloud» on your computer How do I prevent Creative Cloud from taking over my CS6 perpetual license? Creative Cloud because CS6 is also included with Creative Cloud. If you uninstall Creative Cloud, you will need to reinstall your old non Creative Cloud CS6 version.