Creative cloud your trial has expired

Adobe’s Creative Cloud has been available for several years now and continues to gain strong adoption in the marketplace, the latest published figures show. 12 million since the CC product line replaced Creative Creative cloud your trial has expired in June 2013.

Prior to the original launch of CC, Adobe had an installed base of 12. With the way thing are going, it is quite possible that Creative Cloud paid membership could surpass the previous 13 million user base entirely in the near future. That is very powerful, because all subscribers would be running and collaborating with the same creative software release, the latest-and-greatest available. In Digital Media, the transition to subscriptions is happening faster than expected. Creative Cloud has become the de facto platform for all creatives, providing the tools and services to fulfill every creative need.

Continuous innovation is the hallmark of Creative Cloud and the catalyst for our retention and growth. Creative Cloud innovation is forging ahead in the mobile space, where our mission is to help creatives bridge their desktop and mobile design processes into a seamless creative workflow. Highlights in our recent quarter include accelerating adoption of Creative Cloud, driven by strong net new CC subscription additions. Across all routes to market, we continue to see solid demand for Creative Cloud, with large portions of our legacy perpetual customers moving to a subscription model. You can read the complete transcript here. Special: Legally download dozens of free Adobe books for a limited time!

In our Digital Media segment, we continued to make great progress with our Creative Cloud service as customer adoption proceeds more quickly than we anticipated. Subscriptions have grown faster than expected and, as a result, perpetual Creative revenue has fallen off more quickly. The Creative Cloud offering continues to evolve to ensure that we are satisfying our existing subscribers and attracting new members. Creative Cloud are completely new customers for us. Our strategic goal continues to be to accelerate adoption of Creative Cloud, and we are focusing all of our innovation there. It’s nice to see that we’re ahead of the metrics we forecast, not just the annual numbers we provided last year, but the analyst meeting in November 2011 as well when we started this transition. And we reflect that no company has gone through a transition of this magnitude.

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