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Enter the characters you see below Sorry, we just need to make sure you’re not a robot. It runs iOS 9, weighs 1. When it was first unveiled in 2010, Apple’creative cloud on ipad pro 9.

However, as with many Apple products, pick it up, use it for a few minutes, and things fall into place. 9mm thin — and in fact, doesn’t weigh much more than the original 9. More importantly, it is perfectly balanced — it just doesn’t feel heavy or chunky in any way, even when used for reading or watching a movie in bed. The screen is superb, boasting 5. 9 million pixels, and is bright and sharper than anything else we’ve seen on a portable device — and the highest-resolution display of any iOS device.

Load up some HD content, and it’s simply stunning — your holiday videos won’t look better anywhere else. They’ll also sound great, thanks to four speakers — and iOS automatically adjusts the orientation of the bass and higher frequencies according to how you’re holding it. Each speaker produces rich bass, but only the top two produce the mid and high frequencies. And that power is needed — load up some of the latest games and photo editing software, and its apparent just why Apple boosted the power so much. 169 SMART KEYBOARD COVER — IS IT WORTH IT? The top of the keyboard itself is crafted from a custom woven fabric that’s embossed and laser ablated to form the shape of each key. This single sheet of material was specially designed to optimize key feel and stability, and not only serves as a cover for the keys, but also acts as part of the key mechanism — and it shows.

In use, it’s wonderful, and one particularly neat feature are the shortcuts — just hold down one of the option keys and they’ll appear on screen if you’re aren’t sure whats available. The keys have a real feeling of travel, and its on a par with most laptop keyboards — and a lot of cheaper desktop ones. It also makes keyboard shortcuts easily usable, and really is something you can type on all day. There are issues — it can feel a little unbalanced when on your lap, and isn’t backlit.

It’s also a little fiddly to fold into place, and can feel a little like an origami puzzle at times. Despite this, the thin form factor and feel of the keys meanwhile it’s definitely not cheap, but this is the best alternative to lugging round a larger bluetooth keyboard. But paired up with the smart keyboard, for instance, this really does become a laptop replacement — and a really good one at that. Apple has been quietly adding features to iOS to make this happen — and they work wonderfully well. For instance, the ‘split screen’ view that lets you run two apps side by side, and the ability to run video in a small window on screen while you’re doing something else — and resize it and move it anywhere you want. There is still a long way to go before this is a laptop replacement for everyone — but for some, particularly those not tied to particular desktop apps, its surprisingly easy to switch to the Pro to get all your work done — especially for those who live most of their lives on a smartphone anyway.

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