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Enter the characters you see below Sorry, we just need to make sure you’re not a robot. This article needs additional citations for verification. A spin is a special category of stall resulting in autorotation about the vertical axis and a shallow, creative cloud just spins, downward path.

A spin differs from a spiral dive in which neither wing is stalled and which is characterized by a low angle of attack and high airspeed. A spiral dive is not a type of spin because neither wing is stalled. In a spiral dive, the aircraft will respond conventionally to the pilot’s inputs to the flight controls and recovery from a spiral dive requires a different set of actions from those required to recover from a spin. In the early years of flight, a spin was frequently referred to as a «tailspin». A method used to control a spin before it fully develops is a maneuver called the falling leaf.

Aerodynamic spin diagram: lift and drag coefficients vs. Under these circumstances, one wing will stall, or stall more deeply than the other. The wing that stalls first will drop, increasing its angle of attack and deepening the stall. At least one wing must be stalled for a spin to occur. One common scenario that can lead to an unintentional spin is a skidding uncoordinated turn toward the runway during the landing sequence. A pilot who is overshooting the turn to final approach may be tempted to apply more rudder to increase the rate of turn. In aircraft that are capable of recovering from a spin, the spin has four phases.

Some aircraft are difficult or impossible to recover from a spin, especially a flat spin. At low altitude spin recovery may also be impossible before impacting terrain, making low and slow aircraft especially vulnerable to spin related accidents. The wing airfoil begins to lose its boundary layer, resulting in oscillations of the control surfaces from turbulent airflow. The aircraft can no longer maintain flight in a stalled condition and deviates from its projected flight-path. The aircraft begins rotating about all three axes, the nose pitch attitude may fall, or in some cases rise, the aircraft begins yawing, and one wing drops.

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