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This document will continue to evolve as cloud 09 creative studio sections change and new information is added. Delivered new features in May 2018 update. Delivered new features in April 2018 update. This document outlines announcements, defects fixed and considerations in the upcoming Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud update.

Friday, May 4, 2018 and to your production environment on Friday, May 18, 2018, also starting at 22:00 UTC. The updates will be applied to your environments during the first subsequent daily maintenance. The Oracle Help Center, which provides access to updated documentation, has a new look and feel. The updates will be available on May 4, 2018. Some of the links to new feature documentation included in this document will not work until after the Oracle Help Center update is complete. Backing up the daily maintenance snapshot and restoring the environment as needed are self-service operations. Please take a moment to join the Cloud Customer Connect forums for EPM Cloud services.

Oracle Cloud Customer Connect is a community gathering place for members to interact and collaborate on common goals and objectives. This is where you will find the latest release information, upcoming events, or answers to use-case questions. Joining takes just a few minutes. NOTE: The Settings and Actions menu now contains a link to Cloud Customer Connect.

We welcome your comments and suggestions to improve the content of the What’s New document and the product documentation. In the body or title of the email, state that you are inquiring or providing feedback, and indicate for which EPM Cloud service and the monthly update cycle. A new version of the EPM Automate Utility is available with this update. For example, Service Administrators can use this command to update their service as soon as a patch to an environment is available instead of waiting for the daily maintenance window. The Activity Report has been enhanced to include the Microsoft Excel Versions in use and the number of users who use them. Your preference is reflected in future sessions.

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